A Letter From Us

A Letter From Us

Letter to our Supporters

First of all, we would like to announce our deep appreciation for the support shown across our start up store over the last couple of months to years. Whilst admitting the journey has not been easy by any stretch, filled with a rollercoaster of highs and lows, we stand by our commitment to the cause and thank those for following alongside us.

Back in 2020 when we birthed the brand we had a solid vision on the direction of where we were heading, though through many seasons and complications it’s pushed us to exploring numerous routes. It wasn’t until early 2023, the vision became clear on what we wanted to bring to the audience and world. This became our goal with our first cut and sew piece, fully developed to our own specifications, evident with our pocket tee. After months of manufacturing searching, we found a UK based company that offer one of the best in terms of overall garment developing, sourcing materials and finest factories overseas to ensure each item is to the highest quality.

After a back and forth with samples, we were ready, with an honest last minute fast push to launch the first garment of our SS23’ collection. This all started from several months of building personal funds up to invest into the first manufacturing order that would start off our own vision. Launching back in July, our pocket tee, gained a lot of appreciated traction, with a wide range of satisfied customers. Though to reinvest we are currently sitting on a stock that at current standings will need to be halved to reinvest into our future and further collections we have drawn up.

We know our journey is just beginning with this SS23’ launch and remain fully committed to pushing ourselves to a peak that will allow the future to remain strong. Here, we remain confident in our garments across all aspects, and back ourselves within the market with our price range, even at times lowering to gain trust and build through word of mouth. Our garments have been adjusted throughout to stand out in the market and remain what we believe to be the finest quality out there that will become everyday pieces in your wardrobe.

Our brand has a mission to become something truly special through not only the dedication to perfecting the craft but through the continued support from audiences and word of mouth to put our pieces from our backs to others.

If you made it this far. We thank you for taking time.




‘Perfecting the craft’

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