Blog 1?

Blog 1?

19:40 on the clock. GMT time. Sunday 20th Aug.

All orders currently fulfilled and shipped. Work at the part time job complete. Back in the studio (home) to work on social media, site, packaging organisation ready for Monday. Since reintroducing the brand and dropping SS23’ it’s been constant work life. Blood, sweat, tears to build daily to gain traction in the market and set up for the future. 

Update on the brand- Around a month since the launch: Positive.

Orders have flowed through incredibly reminiscent of a rollercoaster ride. Highs, lows, ups, downs. Proud to sit and watch the movement and add our garment essentially to people’s wardrobe whilst receiving positive feedback and reaction to it. So far there has been success both from the launch to our flash events to expand our customer reach in order to test our products for themselves and allow our tee to speak for itself. 

Whilst sitting on still quite a bit of stock in certain sizes, certain sizes are now limited and could not be proud to reach this point. Though to push into FW23’ on our small collection we need to continue the sales and success in order to reinvest. Sort of a recycle process of promo > orders > promo to reduce stock, build income to put it back into the future of the brand. For this we need to massively boost our sales over the next month to build onto another set of garments. Planned & waiting to get the green light from this launches success. 

Documentary currently in the works. Will be a bigger feature than first anticipated with a small studio tour/ insight into the process/ Q&A and talk. Will be live on our YouTube once fully filmed & edited. Looking forward to launch. 

Currently researching and developing FW23’ alongside a limited drop. Diving into the CP archives for our direction. Amongst others. Looking forward to sharing what we have planned. 

Blogs will go live on the about page as of now at random but will become a routine with more insight to the brand, alongside a possible launch of an archive page on Instagram. For now, small talks like these will be added to the brands about page every so often. 

To finish, we want to thank all of those who have supported us so far on this journey through socials/ talk & sales. All of it is fully appreciated and helps us push into the future. As of now we look to push our sales of SS23’ to reinvest into the brands future. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our small blog. 






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