For the love of the game.

For the love of the game.


Not in it for the money. Just the commitment to the craft. As a creative, the perspective behind the brand isn’t to just explore garments and solely focus on how it should look or feel. It’s about the setting it’s in, and creating an environment around it. I’ve studied the art all my life, obsessed over drawing, sculpting etc.

Essentially imagining > creating > observing the creation then back to imagining and so on. Art, Graphic Design, being the literal two subjects I was interested in when studying (sport etc aside). There has always been an obsession with creating, no matter what it is.

Fashion to me, isn’t currently, and won’t given the chance, just be garment orientated. It’ll be the spaces products will be set in physically, through the 2-3 years Architecture studied and part time assistant at an Interior Design practice. It’ll be the Graphic Design inspired thank you cards, tags, labels. It’ll be the Art inspired packaging and experience that encloses the garments.

Everything is tied as a creative. Like I’ve said previously. I work part time in food retail. I’ll be honest, it pays bills, but it doesn’t sit right. Essentially it’s a safety net, not a goal. The goal is to wake up and create every day, but with purpose, and connect with likeminded individuals. I’m obsessed with creating, but limited working part time. Creatives aren’t meant to be concealed.

Again, the brand isn’t about money.
Financial stability? Sure. But the brands identity is desperate to explore every category of creativeness. I want to integrate every possible creative connection to datenightclo.

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