I need your help.

I need your help.

I need your help.


I’m going to be dead one day. That’s the truth. There’s no running from it, fearing it or hiding from it. But. There is one thing I can do, knowing that one day it’ll all be over. That’s do the absolute most in between now the present, and what is seen as the end. Right now, if you told me I only had a day left and that was it. Would I be satisfied with what I’ve done so far? The simple answer in truth, is no. I wouldn’t. Not even close. Though I’m proud of who I am, and happy with the people around me, I wouldn’t be happy with where I am in life.


I work, I eat, I sleep, then repeat the cycle. If I was to say I’m happy on my standard minimum income, working random days to scrape by, I’d be lying. Whilst I put everything into the part time to some weeks full time job I have, I would be in denial to say it is enough to satisfy me.


I want to create, constantly and this is where your help comes in. I use datenightclo as my muse as a creative to make perennial timeless garments to the highest craftsmanship. However I cannot do this with the backing of minimum income, and endless hours that is seemingly wasted energy. The goal message of this message to search for help. In any form. To grow this business and get some sort of backing to strengthen not only the brands future but my own.


I do not know what form that is, whether it is a follow, a like on this post, a share, or even connecting and speaking to people who know how to move forward with a £0 balance, and 100% vision.


The goal is to spend each day of my life, committed to my current family, future family, whilst doing the one thing I love, creating. I’d be lying if financial gain wasn’t one too, as it provides living comforts, such as a roof over mine and my families head, and the financial freedom to breath without worry.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you for listening. Time to grab life by the handles and put both feet on the gas.


Luke Daniel Rimmer

director & creative for datenightclo 

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