Where we’re at.

Where we’re at.

Tuesday 17. Oct 20:50 PM BST.

Blog session. 

Day of content shooting, documenting and testing new washes for our garments. Currently researching for our FW collection, after looking into different manufacturers, materials and tones to bring out a set of defining pieces. 

SS23’ is currently being pushed in order to make room for our FW23’ with stock levels becoming extremely limited in certain sizes due to the overwhelming support. Once we hit a certain number of garments sold, we will begin the full in depth roll out for our next collection. 


With remaining dyes from previous wash studies we looked into fall tones, with a current shade of grey yet to be named via our Instagram following on a recent post. After rigorous testing different shades, we found our garment can be perfectly treated in a colour bath to ensure an all over finish, before a second fixative wash to set the colour to the fabric.  

Amongst today’s shoot we also shot content for our female audience, as each of our garments have been fitted appropriately to suit a unisex on body appearance. With our backdrop and setting, we are beyond proud of how these images turned out, with content now up on our social media channels.


If you have made it this far into the blog, we thank you for showing interest in our process/ small behind the scenes of how we are developing as a brand. At this moment in time, we are moving at our own pace, both openly learning and developing our skills to become experts in the craft. We ensure every aspect of our production, garments, material and content is as neatly created as possible. We want our customers and audience to respond to what we do here at DATENIGHTclo, and follow us on this journey. We are new, with learning curves along the way, though proud of what we are achieving. 

Thank you. 

Creative Director
pic- ‘??’ WASH POCKET TEE. 


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